Battlefords Volleyball Club is focused on growing the sport with The Battlefords and surrounding communities. Kids from the ages of 7 through to 18 can take part in various programs, including:

Atomic Smashball 
The Atomic Smashball program is for boys and girls from Grades 2 through 4. It focuses on fundamental skills, team play, court movement, and, of course, SPIKING THE BALL! All kids and their parents are welcome to join! Watch for registration form right here on our website during the month of December.

Club Volleyball
Club Volleyball begins every December and lasts until early Spring. The Tournaments are HUGE, the competition is stiff, and the players come out of their seasons with improved skills. The Club Program is part of the Saskatchewan Volleyball Association. Men’s and Women’s programs include players who are 9 years old to 18. See our TEAMS page to see our tryout dates, registration forms, and current rosters.