BVC Values Policy

a) The purpose of this Values Policy is to document the BVC Vision and Mission Statement, Club Philosophy, and Core Values of BVC including expectations of Board Members, Athletes, Coaches, and Parents.


  1. a)  BVC is the Premier Volleyball Club in north-western Saskatchewan.

  2. b)  BVC believes that volleyball is a team game where work ethic, team work, attitude and

  3. c)  sportsmanship are more important than winning at all costs.

  4. d)  BVC believes that the attributes gained in a supportive and respectful environment of competitive

  5. e)  sport can lead to success both on and off the court, and later in life.


a) To develop and promote elite volleyball in north-western Saskatchewan. BVC expects to provide competitive and developmental opportunities for our athletes and coaches at an elite level. When our athletes choose to play volleyball at a post-secondary level, we are pleased that we could help them develop their skills. However, our true commitment is to all the north- western Saskatchewan athletes who want to play volleyball at a high level, and build their lifelong love of the sport.

a) BVC Values Long Term Athlete Development.

i. BVC is aligned with Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model of Volleyball Canada, and Canada Sport 4 Life. Our programs and priorities are established in accordance with the suggested training and competitive schedules, and within the budget, facility and personnel availability to the Club.

  1. b)  BVC Values developmentally appropriate training and competition for athletes.

    1. Dependent on age group, and the recommendation of Volleyball Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model; LVC will focus on:

      • ‘Training to Train’ which centres on learning basic volleyball skills, and applying these skills in competitive situations, or

      • ‘Training to Compete’ where the focus is fitness preparation, volleyball-specific skills, and position-specific skills.

    2. By supporting individual athlete goals, they will be prepared for elite play at the post-secondary level, competitive play for recreation, or a desire to be active for life.

  2. c)  BVC Values Players who strive for excellence in themselves, their education, their team and the community.

i. Measurement of success is more than the collection of medals and rewards. Work ethic, attitude, and a genuine commitment to education and to others are the keys to success in team play and in life.

  1. d)  BVC Values the ongoing development of our coaching teams.

    1. BVC is committed to recruit and provide appropriately NCCP certified coaches to our athletes. BVC will ensure the opportunity to attain the required certification is provided without expense to the coach.

    2. We believe that our coaches exert a powerful influence over their players, and while expecting the best, at all times exhibit a positive, constructive and supportive coaching strategy and demeanor.

    3. Our coaches will develop best with the support of the Club. The BVC Board will provide an interactive role toward guidance, mentorship, and leadership coaching to build skills and competency.

  2. e)  BVC is a non-profit organization and therefore relies on volunteers from the membership, their families, and outside volleyball technical resources to administer the ongoing operations of the Club.

  1. The members of the Board, the coaching teams, the athletes, the parents, the technical resources of the Club, combine to create BVC. This Club is not a thing, but a compilation of its people; an ever- changing group of people with a commitment to communicate and support the Mission, the Vision, the Values, and the Code of Conduct of the Club to ensure its continued success and longevity.

  2. Our focus is on youth, and we encourage parents and families to become involved and supportive with the Club and with the members of the Board.


  1. a)  BVC expects our Athletes to:

    1. Remember that a positive attitude must be displayed at all times. Winning isn’t everything: Having fun, improving skills, helping teams mates become better, and delivering 100% effort are much more important than winning.

    2. Respect the facilities that we use. Gyms, schools, restaurants, hotels, buses, washrooms – This includes placing all garbage in the appropriate receptacles, and cleaning up after yourself.

    3. Respect others and their right to a safe and peaceful environment. This means no volleyball in the halls, respect for curfews, no practical jokes, as examples.

    4. Understand and adhere to the BVC and Saskatchewan Volleyball Association (SVA) Code of Conduct. Be a positive role model for others.

  2. b)  BVC expects our Coaches to:

    1. Be a positive role model to our athletes and adhere to the BVC and SVA Code of Conduct in spirit and in practice.

    2. Actively attain the required NCCP certification for the age group they are coaching, and to take personal responsibility to enhance their coaching skills.

    3. Commit the team to attend all SVA events during the Season of Play and a minimum of one regional tournament as provided by the Club

for the team. In the event the coach is unable to attend, he/she will advise the Board with a recommended replacement for the tournament.

  1. Communicate team goals, coaching philosophies, and tournament strategies with athletes and parents.

  2. Communicate appropriate information to the BVC Board, and the team Manager or Parent Rep, in an inclusive and efficient manner. Examples include practice schedule, player lists, police checks and certification information.

  3. Respect the Club equipment provided to them for team use. Return the equipment, in good condition, to the Club Equipment manager at the end of season. Ensure the first aid kit is maintained during the season.

  4. Report inappropriate behavior of athletes or parents to the Board.

c) BVC expects Parents, Guardians, and family members to:

  1. Be a positive role model to our athletes and adhere to the BVC and SVA Code of Conduct in spirit and in practice.

  2. Express concerns in a respectful manner to the appropriate party, be it athlete, coach, official, or Board member. Adhere to the cooling off period as necessary.

  3. If assigned the role of parent representative or Team Manager, assist the coaches in relaying information to athletes and other parents, reserve hotel rooms, reservations, team fund management, and other duties as required to ensure the effective communication within the team unit and the Board.

  4. Help the team by participating in the scorekeeping or line judging responsibilities of the team.

  5. Pay fees by the required date.

  6. Chaperone athletes at tournaments, enforcing curfews as established by the coach.

  7. Assist in the safe transport of athletes to and from tournaments, maintaining a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance when transferring athletes other than their own.

d) BVC is expected to:

  1. Remain in good standing with SVA and adhere to their guidelines and policies.

  2. Remain in good standing with the regulatory bodies for the retention of Society status in Saskatchewan.

  3. Provide the memberships with consistent, accurate and timely information.

  4. Field at least one team of each gender in each of the following age categories: U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, and U18.

  5. Budget responsibly to provide value and economy to the membership.

  6. Provide coaches with good quality, and necessary equipment such as balls, and first aid kits.

  7. Compensate the coaches in a fair and timely manner.

  8. Organize and manage fundraising activities and apply for grants as appropriate.

  9. Conduct regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership, as laid out in the Bylaws of the Club.


This policy was approved by the Battleford Volleyball Club Board of Directors on the ___ day of ______________, ______.

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